Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Honey Bees

This is our "Star of the Week"!! Her smile brings a smile to all of us.
We had a practice lockdown this morning. We had to sit very quietly in our classroom with the lights off during this drill. 
This young man was writing some number sentences on the white board today!
Mrs. Grant showed us some pictures of something that happened at her house yesterday. A big swarm of buzzing honey bees flew into her yard, and then settled down on a tree in the front yard. A bee keeper came to get the bees. He brushed them off the tree into a bag and took them to his truck where he had some honey combs inside a wooden bee box. He said he would be taking them out to a canola field in the country where they would be very happy! He said there were hundreds of thousands of bees on that tree!!!  

Here's a little joke from Mrs. Price, our EA..... "Why do bees have sticky hair?"....(answer at the end of this post)

The bee keeper had several bags of bees!
And thank you to this young lady for drawing me a nice picture after our slide show of the bee party.
Sharing Time....

"Why do bees have sticky hair?"  
Because they use.... a honeycomb!  
Just a reminder to return your field trip forms! 

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  1. I see things were buzzing at the Grant's house.
    That is a bee-u-tiful view. Once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for sharing.
    Loving your blog in Texas