Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baby Elias

Our "Roots of Empathy" baby came to visit us today. We were so surprised to see that Elias could now stand and walk all by himself!  Today we talked about things he likes to eat. We noticed that he eats a lot of things that we like to eat! He had a watermelon snack (little cubes of watermelon) -- which he was able to use his pincer grasp to hold and eat... and he loved it!  Then his mom gave him a piece of olive -- and we noticed he made a funny face when he first put it in his mouth!!  He took it out and looked at it, then put it back in his mouth. We also talked about how baby Elias was sitting in a special chair, and his mom and Mrs. Macdonell were sitting right beside him to keep him safe, as the chair was strapped onto another chair.
Elias' big brother Jacob came with him today. Jacob is almost 3 years old, and he was the Roots of Empathy baby a couple years ago!  Now he's a "big" boy!
"This building is 32 tall"... said the young man with the metre stick!

All library books are now due!  Ms. Janzen read us a couple books today, and we were able to look at books by ourselves, but we were not allowed to sign out a book today. With only 20 school days left (and Ms. Janzen only works at our school every second day), Ms. Janzen  needs to do an inventory of the library -- and track down missing books!!  Everyone in Room 7 - with the exception of 3 students -- have returned library books.  Please return your child's library book if it is still at home.

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