Wednesday, May 11, 2016

lego numbers

Pretty flowers...
This little artist drew a picture and labelled it with the name of the nursery rhyme!!

These boys were into making numbers out of lego today.
They said... "We made a 5 and a 7.  And you can put them together to make 57 or 75!"  WOW!!

And that led to making the numbers.... 500,  and 10!  

And this young lady wanted to print some numbers today!



  1. GREAT JOB on all the numbers. You kids are so smart and talented.
    Texas blog reader

  2. That boy did an amazing job with Humpty Dumpty. WAY TO GO! Nice work on the flowers & vase as well.
    Love reading your blogs in Texas

    1. Hi! We love your comments. The boys said they loved making big numbers out of lego. That boy said he had fun making Humpty Dumpty. We liked painting the flowers in our mosaic vases.
      From Room 7