Friday, January 8, 2016

Smelly snow

We played with a different kind of "snow" in our classroom today (a little imagination needed here, please). It had a really nice smell to it. We were able to draw snowmen shapes in it, print our names, and make lots of interesting drawings. It was a little messy, in a good kind of way. 

We read a couple interesting stories today. Ask your child to tell you all about them. (I recommend that you check out this first book at the public library and read it at home, too.)

We had 2 indoor recess times today. We had a little dance party for part of one recess, and some kids also went to the gym to play.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Students go outside to play for 3 recess times each school day. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately to play outside. If the weather is -28C or colder (with or without the wind chill) at recess time, students will be kept inside.
    On the Smart Board today.....First we made a wintery pattern (the core was an ABCD pattern) then we added actions to the pattern. We like trying to do the actions quickly!!  Lots of giggles!

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