Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

This is our "Star of the Week" to start off the new year!!! She shared a little about herself to help us get to know her better.

     We were excited to see a new calendar on the Smart Board today. We knew it was going to be January!!  Our whole class sat down on the carpet and each person had their own clipboard and a blank calendar and a pencil. Then we figured out where the number 1 would go, after referring back to our December calendar to refresh our minds as to what day of the week December ended! After printing the number 1 on the correct square, we then proceeded printing one number at a time and saying our number rhymes to help remember how to print the numbers. We also remembered to start printing at the top -- and go down! When we were done, most people had printed numbers from 1 - 31.
    Then, we later cut up the numbers from 1 - 31, and had to match them to the numbers on our calendar and glue them into the correct square!  This is how it looked when we were all done!!  


  1. I love that calendar. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!! I missed your Blog while you were on Christmas vacation.
    Texas blog reader.

    1. Hi, We are happy you liked our calendar!! We worked very hard on our calendars. We liked when it was Christmas holidays, but now we are back!!!
      From Room 7