Monday, January 11, 2016

Are you hydrated?

Star of the Week!
Our shining star did an excellent job sharing all the information on her All About Me poster!!

The following information was sent out by our Phys-Ed teachers. This week, all students were given a disposable water bottle and everyone is encouraged to drink lots of water during the week. Kinder students who drink at least one bottle each day will be given a ticket each day to enter a draw for a prize, which will be awarded next week. 

Dehydration/Hydration Facts:

1. Did you know… Dehydration means that you do not have enough water in your body.

2. Did you know… Dehydration causes fatigue, makes us grumpy and makes it hard to concentrate. So if you are feeling tired or grumpy, have a cup of water.

3. Did you know… If you are feeling thirsty, it means that you are dehydrated.

4. Did you know… Are you hungry for lunch, but lunch is still a long ways away? Have a drink of water. It will help you feel like you are not quite as hungry.

5. Did you know… If your nose, throat or eyes feel dry, drink some water.

6. Did you know… If you are thirsty, pop and other drinks with caffeine, do not hydrate you. In fact, they make your body even more thirsty. Water is the best choice for a drink.

7. Did you know… People can survive up to 50 days without food, but only a few days without water.

8. Did you know… If you play sports, or do something physically active that makes you sweat, you need to drink even more water than your basic amount. You should take sips of water before, during and after your exercise.

9. Did you know… Drinking juice, pop and other sugary drinks can hurt your teeth and cause cavities. Your best choice is water!

10. Not sure if you are dehydrated? Check your pee. If it is a very light yellow, like pale straw, you are hydrated! If it is any darker, you are dehydrated! Go have some water and keep taking small sips throughout the day.

Mrs. Macdonell read us a story about feelings, and talked to us about noticing how other people are feeling. We noticed different expression on baby Elias' face, too, the last time he visited us.


  1. Good evening. Thank you posting all the dailies. We will work on drinking more water. What is the sharing for the week?

    1. Hi. Sharing for this week is something that starts with a /w/ sound. Thanks for reading our blog.
      From Room 7

  2. Thanks for the great tips about drinking water. We will try to keep it up, especially during thus dry weather. Great job drinking your bottle of water, Alec!