Thursday, October 12, 2017

Write Around the Room

Lots of thinking going on during our "Write Around the Room" activity today. Has your child tried this at home yet? If not, give them a paper and something to write with, and tell them to  walk around and find words around your home and copy them onto the paper. Encourage them to use the proper grip on pencil/marker/pen (2 fingers). If your child does this at home this evening, have them bring in the paper tomorrow to show me, and he/she will be able to choose a prize from our treasure chest!!
We played Alphabet Bingo for the first time today! I would say the sound of the letter (without showing them what the letter was)...and many students made an association with an object to go with the sound - then we identified the letter that goes with the sound. Then we looked at the card!


  1. That girl in the yellow shirt did an awesome job finding all those words around the room. Proud of you in Texas

  2. HI. Thank you for the comment! We like doing "Write Around the Room " It is fun! We find lots of words.
    From Room 7