Friday, October 13, 2017

Parachute play

Happy Birthday to the newest "5" year old in Kindergarten! We made a special birthday book for him that we read at school and that he got to take home! As we read each page, he said "Thank-you" to the person who made it for him, and that person responded with "You're welcome".  Manners are important! We want to learn to use them automatically without prompting.

Great job matching pictures to the letter sounds that they begin with!!

Parachute time in gym today!
A couple older kids stopped by our room today to talk about the "plastic bag recycling program" that our school is taking part in. Please send in any plastic bags that you do not need. We will be recycling them, to make other products such as this frisbee. We will be receiving a frisbee for our class, to play with at recess time!
Sharing time from yesterday (sorry, forgot to include this pic. in yesterday's post)

Sharing time today

DID YOU KNOW...... that the school lunch program has chocolate milk for sale? Your child can buy a small carton of chocolate milk for $1. If you'd like your child to have milk on any given day, put $1.00 in his or her lunch kit, and be sure to tell your child what the money is for so he/she can pass it on to the lunchroom supervisor at lunch time. This person will get the milk for them. 
(or...As an alternative, you can buy a good child size drinking thermos and put your own milk from home in there. It should be a thermos that keeps liquids cold. Not just a plastic bottle.) 

Your child is bringing home his/her green T.W.A.S book today. Please take a look at it with your child, and put it back in your child's backpack to return to school on Monday. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!

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