Friday, October 6, 2017

Turkey math & playground fun!

Today we continued to finish up our turkey math....

  • roll the die, identify how many dots, find the matching number, stamp the number with the bingo dabber

  • read the number on the turkey and paint the correct number of feathers 


  • Read the number and count the corresponding numbers of feathers to put on the bird!

This afternoon we went for a walk to a near by park. We stopped and looked both ways before crossing every street and back lane. We stopped at the red light and "Stopping hand" signal, and waited for the green light and the "walking person" signal. Everyone enjoyed the activities at the park, especially the zip line. One little girl tried the zip line for the first time. She said "I'm not scared. Just a little nervous". And after trying it once, she went back many more times to try it again!!  The kids used their gross motor skills to climb and move around, practice taking turns, helping each other, and using their manners. Lots of fun!!

Back at school.. this young man was sorting and matching letters!


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