Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remembrance Day service and Park

We had a Remembrance Day service today.
Master Corporal J. Zubriski addressed everyone in the gym.

Each class had 2 representatives who pinned a poppy on a wreath.  The Grade 2-5 choir sang a song, and there were a few other special moments, too.
Sharing Time today. We had the Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday kids today.

Nice day for a Fire Drill!

We went on a little walk to a nearby park. The kids had a great time. Lots of opportunities for turn taking, sharing, communicating, and developing gross motor skills! We stopped along the way and checked out a few things and signs that we saw. We also saw the homes of a couple of our classmates. One little girl asked Mrs. Grant if we could go see the penguins. We quickly learned that those birds were called "geese".  One other questions was : "Mrs. Grant, is it almost spring?"  


  • NO SCHOOL TOMORROW. Inservice Day.
  • No School Friday -- Remembrance Day
  • WINTER CHECKLIST.... You know it's coming.... Yes, SNOW and cold weather!  One of these days, we will have snow. Please make sure when the time comes, your child is prepared for the weather.  Students play outside 3 times everyday, unless the weather is -28C or colder.  
    • Warm Jacket, 
    • Snow/ski pants, 
    • Snow Boots, 
    • Warm AND waterproof mittens (not mini-gloves), 
    • Scarf OR neck warmer.
      • Does your child know how to put all these items on? If not, you may need to have him/her practice at home a few times, in order to be confident at dressing independently. (ie. What goes on first? What is next?  Which is the front of the ski pants and how do I put them on?  How do I fix my sleeves if I turn them inside out? How do I put my arms into the sleeves without someone else holding my jacket up for me? How do I put my jacket on and make sure the hood is up by my head - not upside down? How do I put these boots on? How do I pull the bottom of my ski pants over my boots to keep the snow out?)

BOOK FAIR IS COMING ! (click for more info)

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