Friday, November 18, 2016

Party Time!

   We opened a new centre today.... and it is called "The Birthday Party Centre". Why? Because everyone loves a party!!  Mrs. Mitchell (Speech Language Pathologist) and three Educational Assistants helped us learn about the various parts of the centre. The activities included: 

  • celebrating at the party 
  • making the invitations 
  • making a birthday card
  • making a cake or cupcake using play-doh, candles, and our imaginations
  • icing/decorating a real cupcake and eating it!!! 
Everyone rotated through all the activities. We practiced using our "birthday party" language/vocabulary,  manners, writing skills to make the invites & cards, fine-motor skills, etc. It was lots of fun! We had to use our imaginations to pretend it was a real birthday!  This new centre will be open for the next couple weeks. Come check it out at the Open House next Thursday!


One of our jobs today was to count the number of candles on the picture of the birthday cupcake, and use our cutting skills to cut out the corresponding numeral and then glue it onto the cupcake.



  1. That was a great birthday party. Nice work! The cupcakes look yummy.
    Reading your blog in Texas.

    1. Hi. We are having fun with the birthday party centre. Mrs. Grant made us some cupcakes and we got to decorate them!! They were yummy!
      From Room 7