Monday, November 28, 2016

Concert Practice

The concert is this week... and we are practicing on the stage now!!

It was GREAT to see so many parents at the OPEN HOUSE this past Thursday. It is nice for kids to see their parents come celebrate their learning and show interest in what your children are learning at school.

With the rain last night, and the snow this morning, our playground is very wet and messy!! 
I am sending home everyone's extra clothes bag, to be refilled. Please make sure your child's bag has extra..... socks, underwear, pants, and a shirt.... and return TOMORROW in the same ziplock bag. Also, please check your child's outerwear - as you may need to dry their snow pants, boots, and mitts/gloves.
The Winter Concert is this week. 

  • The first performance will be Wednesday at 1:30. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • The second performance will be Thursday at 6:00 PM.  Everyone welcome to attend

K-3 students are asked to arrive at the classroom at 5:30 PM on Thursday   (Tip: Parents- you will want to get down to the gym and get a seat, as the gym tends to fill up quite quickly!)   K students and their families can leave after the K-3 performance is finished, or stay for the second part of the evening featuring the Grade 4-5 classes. Please note: The Kinders and I will meet parents back at our classroom immediately following the K-3 performances. Parents are to please come pick up your child at that time. (for safety reasons- due to the large number of people in the school this evening- your child will be waiting for you to come collect them - rather than wandering around looking for you). If you are staying for the next show, your child will sit with you.
If you have any further questions, please email or call the school. Thanks!

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