Monday, April 11, 2016

Stop bugging me!

STOP BUGGING ME!  Today we brainstormed some strategies of things we could do when someone is bugging us or bothering us or annoying us. We came up with a list of 5 strategies .... and realized that these were all ideas that we have already been practicing this year. Now we just need to remember to use them as needed. We each made our own bug to remind us of the strategies we could use.

Here we are sitting with a partner... and practicing some of the strategies above  (saying STOP in a firm voice and taking deep breaths). 
Our Star of the Week did a great job telling us his information from his poster!


  1. Such a great idea to discuss what to di in those situations. A good reminder for adults too! ;)

    1. Hello Jennifer!
      We love all your comments. Thank you. We have been painting flowers and we were says today!!
      From Room 7