Wednesday, April 13, 2016

School wide math games day

All classes participated in some math activities set up around the school this morning. We spent 20 minutes at each station and went to 3 different stations. They were all related to math in some way. 
Bowling (had to add up the points on the bottom of the pins we knocked over)....

This game had us reading 10 frames and putting each card in the corresponding hula hoop from 1 -10.

We played a dice game in the library. We had to "subitize" (identify how many dots on the die without counting), then do some exercises to match the numbers we rolled.

These two kids were writing on the little white boards today. Check out their pictures and writing!

Angelo brought us a surprise!  His parents have returned from a vacation in Australia, and they brought Australian decorated pencils for everyone in our class!! What a nice surprise, and thoughtful, too!  Thank you very much to his family for bringing a souvenir for everyone!!
Sharing Time...  Something that starts with a /D/ sound

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