Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lights out for Earth Day

Today our school had the lights turned out!!! Tomorrow is Earth Day (but as it is also an inservice day, we won't be at school).  It was very dark in our classroom (as the only little window we have in our classroom faces south to a brick wall!).So we gathered up a few things and went downstairs to the big lunchroom. It has a couple windows there with the sun shining in. We had centre time in this room.



Mrs. Grant had some "spy laser lights" for everybody. SO we went for a walk down the hall,,, (it was much darker than it looks in this photo).....
....shining the lights on the walls and ceiling.....

... and the library was VERY DARK!!!   We went on a spy mission in the library and looked for some letters using our "spy lights"!!

We did Sharing Time and Story Time in the Literacy Lab today. There is a window there!

Happy Earth Day... do your part!

NO SCHOOL service day. Teachers will be at school!


  1. Such a great initiative for earth day! I guess there's a lot we can do without turning on the lights and just using the sun. Thanks for reminding me everyone!

    1. Hi. We liked using our "spy lights". It was o.k. not turning the lights on for one day. We like your comments. thank you!
      From Room 7