Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Would you believe a leprechaun came to our room?? Unfortunately he must have come while we were outside for recess.  He played some tricks on us..(like throwing our shoes around the room) and left some chocolate coins for us, and some other coins, too!
.....They also left some foot prints on the table....
We made some rainbow necklaces with a pot of gold! (we used the rainbow colours in order to make a pattern)
These boys made a trap to try and catch the leprechauns!

..playing a counting game.. more/less/how many?
Look who wore green today...
Sharing time.....
And thank you to the Discovery Daycare kids.... they had green vanilla-leprechaun type milkshakes at lunch time AND  they brought one back to school for me, too!!! (and was it ever yummy!! I almost didn't get a picture taken before I drank it all up!) Thank you again to the teachers and boys and girls from Discovery! What a nice surprise that was!
Thank you to all the parents who came to Stevenson Open House today to celebrate your child's learning. It is so very important for kids to know that their families value, show interest in, and support their school experience. They love showing their parents things around our room.
Thank you... From Your Partner in Education... Mrs. Grant

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