Thursday, March 3, 2016

Grocery Store

Today was the Grand Opening of our Grocery Store -- our newest dramatic play centre!! The kids were SO excited!   We made grocery shopping lists, played a shopping game, sorted foods into food groups in a Smart Board Activity.... AND  played in the grocery store!!  Lots of vocabulary, language skills, co-operating, sharing, numeracy and literacy skills galore!!









At the end of the day, some of the kids reflected that..... (in their own words).....

It was kinda great! (Kimber)
We had fun in the grocery store! (Addy)
I had fun and I liked it in there! (Liam Z.)
I liked paying for the food. (Callie)
It was fun doing the cash register! (Lincoln)
It was fun playing in the grocery store! (Daishaun)
We got lots of food! (Alexander)
We liked playing there! (Joshua)
We had fun playing in the grocery store! (Angelo)
We like that kind of centre. (Ben)
I liked playing with Lincoln in the grocery store! (Wesley)
I had fun making the lists! (Ava)
We had fun taking turns in the grocery store! (Marissa)
It was cool playing there! (Liam W.)
I liked that you could buy stuff at the grocery store. (Geoffrey)
I had fun playing with Joshua at the cash register. (Kayden)
It was fun to play with the cash register. (Jaden)


  1. Playing in the grocery store is so fun! Looks like there was lots of practicing with numbers and learning about food! Next you'll be able to cook for mom. ;)

  2. Hi. Alex said "We do play in the grocery store." and YES... he will cook for you. HE will cook his favourite food ---- spaghetti!
    From Alex and Room 7