Wednesday, June 24, 2015

READ, Read, and Read!!!

Stevenson School recognizes the importance of reading at home! Today, every student at school was able to choose several books from a selection of brand new books.... to take home and keep!!!   (please see the note sent home for more info.) The importance of daily reading/listening to reading can't be denied!  Your child will benefit from reading over the summer, too, as well as during the school year!  Please enjoy the new books!
Centre Time...
This week, Room 7 students have been allowed to bring one thing from home to play with at centre time (but no electronics and no batteries allowed). Today, we had "Elsa" in our class!


  1. Thank you for the new books! We love reading together.

  2. HI.
    You are very welcome! We all love to read in Room 7!
    From Mrs. Grant's Kindergarten class