Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Block Parents

Today we had a presentation from a guest speaker from BLOCK PARENTS. He taught us what a BLOCK PARENT is and how it could be of help to us. He also reminded us of the importance of each child knowing his/her own personal information. Our school catchment area is in need of more BLOCK PARENTS. Click on the link above for move info. about this program and the application process to become a BLOCK PARENT. Also note, at the Family Bar-b-q next Thursday, there will be a representative from BLOCK PARENTS in attendance to talk to families.

Today we read the story JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. We noticed that there were three things that Jack and his mother didn't have at the beginning of the story. These things were: food, firewood, clothes (only old "rags", as Jack's mother called them). We know that these three things are all things that people NEED. After the story, we used the Smart Board to sort some more pictures into the category of WANTS or NEEDS.

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