Monday, June 15, 2015

Compost and Butterfly

Mary, from the Green Action Centre, visited our school today to talk to us about composting. She even let us check out her worms (about 400 she estimated) that she keeps for her indoor composting. We learned what can - and can't- go into a compost. Plants (like banana peel, apple core, orange peels, etc) can be composted. Not pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Here we are smelling the compost. Some people thought it smelled like dark chocolate.

Last week on Thursday, our butterfly emerged from the cocoon! That was an exciting time!  Today we took our little butterfly friend outside to release it. We think perhaps the wings didn't form properly in the cocoon, because the butterfly was having some trouble flying away. We put it on a flower. Hopefully it will be o.k.  
        It sure was fun watching the caterpillar grow, then go into a cocoon, then come out as a butterfly over the past month!!!

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