Friday, February 10, 2017

Storybook character day

This is our I LOVE TO READ month.  Everyone was encouraged to come as one of their favourite storybook characters. Here's who came to our class......
We have a school division literacy teacher in our school for a couple weeks. She came to our class today and read us a story about a dog. The dog was checking out the food in the fridge and trying to do "people kind of things" when his owner was away. After the story, we brainstormed different kinds of foods that would go in the fridge, keeping in mind foods from each of the Canada Food Guide categories.

Sharing Time

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REMINDER:  WE will be having a VALENTINE's party next Tuesday afternoon. Students are welcome to bring Valentine cards to pass out to classmates on this day. 
*** Thanks to those people who volunteered to send in treats for our party.


  1. You look AMAZING in your story book character outfits. WELL DONE! Did you have fun being dressed up? Love seeing you in Texas.

    1. Hi. Thank you for the compliment! We had fun dressing up as storybook characters.
      It was a nice day to play outside at recess today!
      From Room 7