Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The kids were SO excited today!!!  
We made Valentine mailboxes in the morning. 

 We passed out our Valentines. It was fun reading the names and delivering them to the appropriate mailboxes. (Many kids can already read many, if not all, of their classmates' names! WOW!)  Other kids had help as needed.

 Then everyone dumped out their mail and checked out their Valentines!!

Thank you very much to the families who sent in treats today. They were very much enjoyed by all!!
And thank you to the parents who provided guidance for their children to write out all their own valentines --- printing the names of all their classmates, and printing their own names, too!  This is the best kind of writing experience -- something that is very meaningful and important to the kids!! 
These kids will be choosing a prize from the Treasure Chest tomorrow in recognition of their efforts! 

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