Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year

A new puzzle... putting numbers in order from 1- 30... that creates a picture when finished!

Light table fun
She made the number 5 using blocks, and turned it into a road for her vehicle!
Roll-a-snowman..... roll the dice, and draw the appropriate picture for the snowman - even if it is out of order for how you would normally draw a snowman!!
  Cutting out numbers to put in the correct order for a January Calendar


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! Did everyone have a nice Christmas break? I couldn't wait till you got back so I could see all the fun things you will be doing again. That girl did an awesome job with the number 5 road. Excellent job to the girl who made the January calendar. Your Texas blog admirer.

    1. Hi! Yes, we had a nice Christmas holiday. Thank you for the nice compliment about the number 5 road (said the builder). We all made a January calendar. It had 31 days.
      From Room 7