Thursday, January 26, 2017


This morning, before we even walked into our classroom, I had children reminding me that we needed to talk about the number "8" today!!  They were very excited, and could hardly wait until the afternoon when it was time to share our learning about what we knew about the number 8!!  And share they did!!   They had so many number stories to tell that it was truly impressive!! 

.... and here is what some of the kids told us today: 

  • 6 plus 2 makes 8 (by Ryden)
  • 5 plus 3 makes 8 (by Ali)
  • 10 take away 2 makes 8 (by Oussama)
  • 9 take away 1 makes 8 (by Parker)
  • 11 take away 3 makes 8  (by Miguel)
  • 14 take away 6 makes 8 (by Joey)

and these kids found.... 8 dots on the dice, 8 on the 10 frame, and 8 dots on the dominoes!
Our class went to the Music Room today. Ms. Rempel shared these photos of our class.


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