Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Signing In

We have been learning our early morning routines. We start the morning by taking our outdoor clothing and shoes off, putting our inside runners on, and getting our red communication folders out of our backpack and putting them in the special bin. Then we go to the Smart Board and find our name to "sign-in". Right now we are all learning to find our name from the mixture of everyone else's name, then sorting it into the correct group (boy or girl).

Today was our first day in the gym. Mr. McKinnon is one of our gym teachers. Today he taught us about some of the rules and routines. We will be having gym class every Day 1- 4.
More sharing of our "All About Me" blogs. Everyone this week has been so excited to share the things in their bags, and use their language skills to tell us about their special things. The rest of the class is learning about being polite listeners and keeping their eyes on the speaker. Kids are learning not to interrupt, and to take turns in conversation. (Lots of social skills going on at this time.) Good job to everyone who had their turn today!

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  1. Thank you for your daily updates. It helps us understand what Angelo is trying to share with us. Looking forward to all the updates this year.