Friday, September 18, 2015

Our class

This is our class... 23 students so far.. and we are expecting another friend soon!

A little puppet show at centre time...
Today was our first visit to the school library. Mrs. Wood, the librarian, read us a story and taught us the rules in the library. Every Day 3 our class will be going to the library. Students are allowed to sign out one book to borrow for a week. Please return your child's library book on or before the next Day 3. Thanks!

Signing out our library books....
Our last group of students sharing their "All About Me" bags. I was very impressed by what a good job everyone did throughout the week telling us about the items they brought to share with us. Everyone had something to say!! 


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Grant. Enjoy your special day.
    Someone in Seguin Texas loves you.

    1. Hello! Thank you for the nice note! Mrs. Grant told the class who the message is from -- her auntie in Texas!!
      Please send us a message another day!
      From Mrs. Grant and all the boys and girls in Room 7

  2. I really enjoyed looking at the photos and at the same I was able to know what is happening in school. This is such a big help for parents! Enjoy your stay in school. Good job guys!