Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week.... told us all about himself!  We also did a shared writing activity that was all about him... and we had fun being word detectives and finding the different words in the story!
Thank you to this parent for coming in to read to our class this morning. The boys and girls in room 7 LOVE books by Mo Willems about piggy and elephant. Thank you for reading this one to us. We hadn't read that one!

We have been exploring colour combinations and what happens when colours get mixed with each other. These kids were using the colour paddles and holding them up to the light to see how the colours changed when they were placed together.

These fellows wanted to play a game of Crazy 8 today!
After Mr. W. read us an interesting story in the library, the boys and girls got to choose a book to read and then sign out to take home for a week.
   Sharing Time....


  1. Looks like everyone had fun mixing colours. What happened to that boy who has his arm in a cast? OUCH!!! I see you wanted to share your cold weather with us again. :-(
    Mrs. Grant's aunt

  2. HI. That boy had a little accident at home! He had to go to the hospital and get a cast......... GOOD NEWS! Now the cast is off!!!His arm is all better now!
    From Room 7