Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kids In The Know

It is important for children to explicity identify an adult in their lives that they can go to for help. Children need to know who to tell if something happens that affects their personal safety (ie. getting hurt, getting lost in a store, inappropriate touching, etc.). All children should be able to identify an adult that they can go to for help no matter what the problem. 

Today Mrs. Macdonell, (Resource Teacher), visited our room to teach us about personal safety. She is following a program called "Kids in the Know". 

All parents are encouraged to talk with their children to help make them aware of who they can go to for any kind of help. Mrs. Macdonell brought in her little friend to help her talk to the students.
  Mrs. Macdonell -- talking about different kinds of feelings we might have at different times
Our Star of the Week...

Our past Star of the Week..

Lots of team work going on here to build the Marble Race...
Sharing Time..
Tomorrow is "Wear a word to school" day.   Students are invited to wear clothing with words on it.... for I Love to Read Month

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