Thursday, November 6, 2014

Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week shared her All-About-Me Robot poster this week. Today we did a shared writing activity and wrote a story that was "All About.. " (her)
This week the class has been learning about Remembrance Day.  
Several stories have been read and students have been learning about different vocabulary associated with Remembrance Day (ie. poppies, wreath, soldiers, war, peace, November 11th, Flander's Field, etc.)
We also did a dot-to-dot that ended up being a poppy, and we painted poppies. The class read and discussed a story, and as a follow up made a chart of what "Peace is.....". Here is the list of what each student said.
  Today at library class, Mr. W. read a story called.... "Why?"  An interesting story... check it out at the public library.  
Sharing Time.... something that is black

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