Friday, November 21, 2014

Popcorn fingers

Every day we count how many days we have been in school so far. We add a popsicle stick to a special "How many days of school?" container to help us keep track. When we get 10 sticks, we put them in a bundle to make them easier to count. We mark each day on a 100 chart. On Wednesday, we noticed that we have been in school for 50 days!!  And someone noticed that was half of our 100 chart. We count by tens sometimes. We "pop" out our 10 fingers every time we say a new number.... 10  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100!!!  So... that led us to decide we should also have some popcorn to celebrate that half of our 100 chart is full!!!  Mrs. Grant said she would bring some popcorn the next day.... but oops!...when someone asked her the next day if we were having popcorn... Mrs. Grant had forgot to bring it. She was very sorry about this. She suggested the boys and girls help her write a note to remind her. The boys and girls are getting very good at hearing the sounds in the words, and this is how the note looked.... "Bring popcorn".   They heard all the sounds! (We don't worry about sounds we can't hear. We are beginning writers.) So anyways, Mrs. Grant remembered to bring the popcorn today, Day 52, and we really enjoyed eating it!!!!  

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