Friday, February 21, 2014


Today baby Jacob and his mom, Mrs. Zinn, came to visit us as part of the Roots of Empathy program. We observed that Jacob can sit up by himself now, he can hold a toy, and he can roll over all by himself. His mom said he already has one tooth, and he is getting another one. 
When we measured baby Jacob in the fall, he was only 8 blocks long. Today he was 9 blocks long!!  He has grown!!!
         Room 7 class and baby Jacob and his mom

     We were fortunate to have another visitor today. He came from rural Manitoba to read to us for I Love To Read month. Someone recognized him…. and said it was her Grandpa!   Thank you very much for reading us a book this afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the story. It was extra special for one little girl! 
      Our visitor had heard about our Smart Board and noticed it on our blog, so we were happy to demonstrate how we use it. We even encouraged him to give it a try. We guessed the pattern that he made!

                                                                    Sharing time today -------  T is for…..

Have a good weekend

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