Tuesday, February 18, 2014

100 days of school

Last Friday marked the 100th day of school! Wow!  So now that we completed 100 days, we did some 100 type of activities today.

We stamped 10 stamps on each of 10 strips of paper..for a total of 100 stamps.....and turned them into a "We are 100 days smarter" crown!

We also….
  • were quiet for 100 seconds! (That was tricky!)
  • licked a sucker 100 times (and we had estimated the sucker would be gone in 100 licks, but it wasn't!)
  • read stories about 100 days of school
  • counted 100 steps on our way to music class
  • jumped up and down 100 times
  • counted to 100
  • sorted 100 little things
  • traced the numbers from 1 - 100. 
  • made ten groups of ten--- to count by tens to 100
  • sorted 100 different edible treats into groups of 10......and then ate them!
  • and many more 100 day activities!

Students were requested to bring in a baggie of 100 little things. A few students suggested grouping their items into sets of 10, so they could easily count by tens to 100. (Good thinking, wasn't it!)
This young lady brought in a bag of dry pasta. She quickly got her pasta sorted into groups of 10 and counted up to 100.  She also did a special project of glueing 100 foam hearts onto a t-shirt. Way to go!

 We have been counting Popsicle sticks, and bundling them every time we get a group of 10.   Now we had ten bundles, so we decided to bundle ALL of them into a big bundle of 100! As we have added a stick every day, we also mark it on our 100 chart on the SMART BOARD.

Sharing time this week --- Something that starts with a /T/ sound

Thanks to everyone who provided treats for our Valentines party and our 100 Days of School party. They were greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all!

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