Friday, September 9, 2016

1st Day of Kindergarten

We all lined up outside according to our classroom .  Room 7 or Room 8.
This young lady noticed that our clothes had the same "pattern". I was so excited to hear her use the word "pattern"!
We each found our name on the Smart Board, and then moved our name to the correct spot as we sorted ourselves into girls/boys. We counted how many names were in each circle, and noticed the boys had more!


  • In case you were wondering.....some notes about Room 7 from today.......
  • 9 boys at school today 
  • 12 girls at school today
  • 1 student absent
  • Lots of smiles!
  • 1 sweater left behind and 1 jacket taken by the wrong person (please label your children's outdoor wear and if your child takes home something that doesn't belong to him/her, please return it the next day)
  • learned all about "Check 5" (ask your child to tell you about it)
  • Read a story about the 5 Little Monkeys, and learned a rhyme about "2 Little Dickybirds"
  • # of kids that cried = 0
  • # of parents that cried = not sure :)
Have a good weekend. Please remember to send your child's red communication folder to school every day. 


  1. WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN!!!!Looks like everyone was having a great time on the first day of school. What a nice start to the year that Mrs. Grant and the young lady were wearing the same pattern dresses. I have been a follower of Mrs. Grant's blog for several years now, and I can tell you, you have an AWESOME teacher. You will be learning a lot of amazing things. Kindergarten will be fun. Have a Great Year! Blog Reader in Seguin, Texas.

  2. HI. Thank you for the nice comment! We had lots of fun on our first day of school. The person dressed in the same pattern as Mrs. Grant said that she is not a young lady - she is only 5 years old.
    Thank you for reading our blog and giving us comments.
    From Room 7