Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wpg. Public Llibrary

This afternoon we walked to the Public Library. We passed by a couple of our classmates' homes along the way and spotted other people's home close by. It was fun looking at the numbers on the houses and finding the addresses we were looking for. We identified some streets, businesses, and other buildings in our community along the way, too. We found the STOP signs, watched for the WALK signal, and practiced safely crossing all intersections - with no "dilly-dallying" . We had a fun outing!
One librarian read us a funny story and two librarians put on a puppet show for us, too. It was great!

Then we got a tour of the Children's section in the library and had some time to look at books. Kids who brought their library cards to school were able to sign out some books, too!



The library has some summer reading programs for kids, and some prizes and other incentives! Stop by your local public library to check it out!

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