Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Write around the room

Today we read about the adventures of the Gingerbread Girl. We admired how smart she was!!  We also compared this story to the Gingerbread Boy stories we had already read.
One of the favourite activities in our room is called "Write Around the Room". The boys and girls enjoy being detectives and walking around the room to find various words to copy from our environment. Some of the words they can read, and some are words that they have spotted in our room, but may not be able to read. That is o.k. Everyone is getting practice using writing tools, printing or learning to print letters in a recognizable manner, and finding words they may/may not already be able to read. We also have to differentiate between what is a word/number/letter. A super easy activity to do at home, too!

  Sharing time... something that starts with a /t/ sound


  1. Great Job everyone!!! The girl in the black & white T-shirt did an Excellent job. :-) WOW!! Beautiful printing.
    Texas blog reader.

  2. Hi.We all like doing Write Around the Room. The student you are talking about says "I like that you said that about my printing. Thank you".
    From Room 7