Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's Go on a Bear Hunt….

Well, you will NOT believe what happened to our class today. We had finished drawing and painting our bears from yesterday, and then when we got back from Music class, our bears had disappeared from our classroom!!  Fortunately, we  had some very observant students in our class, who had spotted one of our bears on the way back to our classroom. SO…. we decided that…. "Let's go on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one, it's a beautiful day…we're not scared!!"  and off we went searching around the school for our bears!

We needed to use our language skills when we spotted a bear, to help the rest of the class see where we had spotted each bear. We used the "positional" words that we know….
...on the bulletin board, under the other pictures...

…on the window of the door,,,

…in the corner on the wall…..

….on the window, beside the plant…..

…above the lockers…..

…….on the locker…..
….between the water fountains, on the wall….

….up high, hanging on the EXIT sign…..

…on the gym door…..
…above the fire extinguisher….

and a few more places around the school.

WHEW!!!! We found them all!!!  YEAH!!!


  1. It looks like Room 7 had a 'Beary' fun day hunting for the missing bears ha ha. How could they all get out of the room and hide so quickly? Bears must be very fast fast and good at hiding too, but Room 7 has very observant hunters and they found all of them, great job!

    I heard that there is something very special coming on December 18 and 19, has Room 7 been practicing for the Christmas Concert?

    From: Nolan's Pa Pa

  2. Hi ! Those bears were so speedy. Some of us think Mrs. Grant hid them. Yes, we have been practicing for the concert. We are panda bears! We will be performing only on December 18th -- once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Nolan says "I love you Pa Pa."
    From Room 7